the Charger

The Comfortable Way to Charge:

for Home, Business and Travel


FlexCharger is a one-system charging station that allows simultaneous charging for all smart device systems.

For family, business or even travel, FlexCharger gives you

the maximum amount of freedom to charge anywhere
by simply plugging it into your average power outlet.

Multi-Charging for any Smart Device


FlexCharger is an one-station multi-charger, meaning it allows charging of up to any five smart devices simultaneously,  additionally giving you the comfort to choose from a variety of charging options. Connectivity is acquired through Micro-USB connections but with additional pin adapters like for example Apple Lightning or 30-pin, you can charge every smart device. This creates great advantages for families or businesses using varying device systems.


Charging Options:

Increase your Flexibility


FlexCharger has great ways to keep you and all your devices on the go by expanding your charging capabilities with the tiltable dock connector, wireless charging, exchangeable power adapters and integrated cables. The 6.6' retractable cable brings your power outlet to you, and not the other way around. This great advantage for more flexibility is always ready to be effortlessly extracted when needed.

Increase flexibility with tiltable dock connector, wireless charging, exchangeable power adapters and the 6.6' 2 m retractable micro-USB cable.

More Comfort for Travelers


A great advantage of FlexCharger is that it can be used
anywhere in the world by just exchanging its power adapter. It's not a wall-fixed charging station, therefore giving you the freedom to position and re-position it, anywhere you need it most.

FlexCharger can be used anywhere in the world with exchangable power adapters.

Your Interior – More Attractive


With FlexCharger's docking capabilities and integrated retractable cables, you can reduce untidiness of visible cables extremely. Not only is FlexCharger in this respect treasured but cables for your devices are no longer needed, making life less complicated. In other words, you have everything you need to charge neatly tucked away in one place.

FlexCharger reduces the untidiness of messy cables in your home.

FlexCharger at a Glance





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